Hayallerinizi Ertelemeyin



ERT Plus, which has been growing through inter-generation communication for one century, is continuing its activities with third generation. Our company, which has been trading since 1943, has been providing services in construction market sector for 27 years. 

We have concentrated on activities such as ceramics, granits, bathroom cabinets on which we have gained expertise along three generations in the sector. We have aimed to produce values both to the people and economy of our country by virtue of our knowledge in all these fields. Today, we feel very happy when we see that we have taken correct steps on this direction, as we hear comments full of admiration and appreciation by our business partners and customers. 

We have adopted the vision to become an institution which determines trends in the relevant sector, pioneers and perhaps the most important, makes contributions in the real sense along the way Turkey is progressing, by adopting an innovative approach in all fields that we operate. The greatest driving force for us along this way was expectations and wishes of our customers. We have acted together with business partners, dealers and our colleagues working at every stage in our company for the purpose of offering the best to our customers. Every work gave us excitement beyond description and I believe that this excitement was the most correct key of the door opening to the success.   This success belongs to our employees, business partners, stakeholders…

In short, belongs all of us…


The biggest criterion that we have obtained through the progress from yesterday to today, from today to future is; being capable of dreaming and making forward-looking decisions. We're very proud of approaching one more step every day to our dreams and goals. 


* To become only one in this competitive sector through our service and reliability,
* To spread over the world and to become one of the leading exporting companies,
* To become a respectable and well-known company in the sector,
* To maintain our rich stocks and customer satisfaction high,
* To be innovative and to follow the trends in this sector which launches a new product every day.


* To develop our country's trade,
* To sell retail and wholesale construction and building market products,
* To embrace a safe, secure policy by offering innovations to our customers and to gain satisfaction.

ERT Plust Board of Directors